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The Top 10 Places To Find Clients As A Writer For 2016

The Top 10 Places To Find Clients As A Writer For 2016

While some writers struggle to attract clients when first starting out, those who are familiar with the resources and websites below have little trouble finding work. In fact, many of these resources make it difficult “not” to find clients.

1. Upwork



Upwork is one of best places for new writers to find clients, while also building a strong reputation. Since many of the writing jobs posted through Upwork require only basic knowledge of the english language, and some of them are even directed at individuals with little to no experience, finding work is not difficult and rarely takes a long time. Additionally, since there are so many new jobs posted on Upwork each and every day, as long as you send in consistent applications, you should hear back from multiple clients.

Filtering your job search is quick and easy through Upwork’s desktop platform, and they also have a mobile app for added convenience.

2. Outsource


Outsource is another great place to find clients in need of content. Though they do charge monthly for their services, they give you plenty of credits each month and also have a rather large surplus of jobs available. Fortunately, Outsource also requires payments to be held in escrow before you accept the job, that way, you are not at risk and don’t have to fear wasting your time. New writing jobs are posted through Outsource on a daily basis, and many experienced writers earn a lot of money by consistently applying. In fact, those who have stayed with Outsource for a while, often earn more than enough to make an honest living.

3. Guru



Similar to Upwork and Outsource in many ways, Guru is a great website for aspiring writers that makes finding clients rather simple. All of the jobs posted through Guru are bid on, and the most appealing offers are awarded. By upgrading to a membership with Guru, you can not only bid more strategically on the jobs that you do go for, but you can also see what others have bid. The jobs posted include a description of the work that needs to be done, details on the client’s job posting history, and details on the project’s estimated budget.

4. Craigslist



Believe it or not, Craigslist is actually a great place for writers to find new clients. By looking through each area’s job board and freelance sections, you should be able to find a surplus of potential clients who need content. Additionally, since most of the work you do will be done online, there is no need to worry about meeting these people in person. The only thing to make sure of is that you have a contract in place, since Craigslist doesn’t operate similar to how job bidding platforms do.

5. Job Boards


Job Boards

Due to the overwhelming amount of job boards that exist throughout the world, the fact that they are on this list should truly come as no surprise. In addition to making things simple for you through filtered job searches that meet your exact criteria, job boards also put you in contact with thousands of people in need of content. In fact, even if you don’t land a job or find new clients immediately through the first few job boards you search through, you should at least make a few new contacts.

6. Social Media

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

Social Media

Another great place to find clients as a writer is social media, and no it is not done by posting statuses or tagging everyone you know. By joining Facebook groups with other writers and potential clients, you can get in contact with new people and let them know of your services. In fact, as long as this is not done in a spammy manner, people appreciate you letting them know and are likely to come to you for any work that they need done.

7. Online Forums


Online Forums

Online forums are places where like-minded individuals discuss the topics they are interested in. By joining forums pertaining to writing, you can make new connections and post about your services on a regular basis. Though online forum posting may not catch fire right away, it should eventually, as long as you stay persistent with it.

Since most popular online forums have thousands and thousands of people, the likeliness of you finding some new clients is rather high as long as you are accepted into the forum, and as long as you don’t go “spam mode” on everyone.

8. Magazines



Though they are slightly more of a long-shot than job bidding platforms, the right Magazines can be very resourceful.

In addition to getting a full preview of the writing style they are after just by skimming through a few pages, you can also contact them quickly and easily most often times since their address and contact information is usually included on the cover.

Many aspiring writers (and even some experienced writers) mail submissions to different magazines in hopes of hearing back. Fortunately, even if their submissions are not accepted, they will usually be instructed on what they need to correct in order to move forward.

9. Fiverr



Since everyone is looking for a cheaper way to get things done now a’ days, inexpensive websites such as Fiverr have high amounts of traffic and huge clienteles.

Though it is advertised as the site where you can get anything done for only $5, a lot more than $5 can be made on each writing project you do, and a surplus of clients can be found.

Not all of the writing assignments you do through Fiverr need to be for five dollars. For instance, though service may “technically” be priced at five dollars, you are the one who decides exactly what that service is. In other words, you can consider one page to be one service, 100 words to be one service, or 10 words to be one service, as long as it is clearly defined in your profile.

10. Your Family and Friends


Family and Friends

Though you will likely have to go about things much differently than you would through an online platform, asking your friends and family for help can be hugely beneficial when looking for new clients. Not only can your friends and family contact the people they know and help spread the word of your services, but they may also need something worked out that they don’t have time to write themselves!


Finding clients as a writer is not as difficult as people make it out to be, and shouldn’t take too long after reading through the tips above. However, if things move slower than expected, it is important not to let a drought get you down. Even the best writers go through them from time to time.

The Top 10 Places To Find Clients As A Writer For 2016 By SloDive

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