How Fashion Influences Design

How Fashion Influences Design

Take a look at your outfit. What does it say about you? Are you colorful and quirky, or minimal and serious?

Fashion, like any art, is designed with intention. And graphic designers can learn a lot about color theory, application, and even design trends by following what’s happening now in fashion.

So how much does a creative wardrobe inspire graphic design? Well, let’s take a look at the foundation of fashion and the iconic eras that inspire design today. You can also discover a vast array of fashion design elements on Envato Market.

So What Can Designers Learn From Fashion?

How to Follow Design Principles

Structure, balance, and harmony. No art form is complete without a core understanding of basic design principles, and this is especially prevalent for both fashion and graphic design.

Every outfit establishes a specific silhouette. From A-line to hourglass and more, these silhouettes provide the structure for great fashion design.

Consider this when creating your graphic work. Your composition is the structure of the design, just like a strong silhouette. Continue to study fashion to see how basic principles come to life on the runway.

How to Master Color

Color goes hand in hand with great design. And fashion is a great reflection of this because it teaches us that what we
wear translates into who we are or how people interpret us.

If you always
wear black and white, for instance, maybe you’re more drawn to
minimalist design. On the opposite end of the scale, bright hair and a quirky
wardrobe are often the hallmarks of colorful designers.

Each fashion line starts with the color story. Utilize this theory by crafting your own designs around a particular palette. Follow the line of one fashion designer’s work; become inspired by their color story and incorporate it into your designs.

Fashion Woman Stock from Envato Market.

How to Understand Application

How, what, where, and why?

These four words are the start of any great design brief.

And no matter whether you’re a fashion designer or a logo designer, understanding the application of your work becomes an important aspect of any successful design.

Fashion designers speak in special occasions. Before creating their work, they imagine who the person is and what they would be doing while wearing their garment. Knowing these simple answers helps them to understand the application of their design so they can determine which fabrics and materials will be needed to make it work.

During your next project, pay an homage to fashion. Get into character and feel out your audience. Use this as an opportunity to understand the application of your work by creating a design that works best for its individual users.

And Don’t Forget the Accessories!

You were just about to leave the house when you forgot your favorite watch. It seems like a simple afterthought, but it really pulls your whole look together. And if you’re rocking a theme like silver or metallics, then a nice, shiny watch becomes the perfect accessory.

You see, fashion is not just about clothes. It includes your overall styling from hair to makeup and accessories. And when you think about it, graphic design also has an element of accessorizing your designs to complete an overall aesthetic.

From long shadows to creating realistic shine, these are just a few simple touches that go a long way in perfecting your designs.

Fashionable Man with Watch
Fashionable Man Stock from Envato Market.

Predicting Design Trends With Fashion

Fashion always inspires graphic design. And for every new trend in fashion, you’ll be sure to find those same elements popping up on different marketing materials, apps, and website designs.

One of the ways to stay ahead of the game is to pay close attention to what’s happening in fashion.

Recently during New York Fashion Week, fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history as the first designer to showcase her beautiful new line with models in full hijab.