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310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle (Miscellaneous)

310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle (Miscellaneous)

This bundle is composed of these 2 items:

Bundle “234 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons”

Expansion 1 “76 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons”

76 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons  310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle (Miscellaneous) profile banner spell icons expansion1


This item is a set of 310 icons representing magical and physical spells and skills cast or used by a character in a Fantasy universe.
This is a bundle composed of the previous bundle I made and the first expansion.


This item is separated in 2 folders:

  • resources: this folder contains 2 sub-folders. The first one, “bundle (packs 1, 2 and 3)”, contains 18 layered PSD files (3 files per main color) and a Custom Shape file containing 68 shapes used to make the icons. The second one, “expansion 1”, contains 75 layered PSD files for the icons of the first expansion. Source files dimensions are 100×100 pixels in any case.
  • icons: this folder contains 3 sub-folders, which are named 100×100, 75×75 and 50×50. Each folder contains the 310 icons with the adequate size.


There are several ways to share your opinion or to ask me a question:

  • You can use the comment section of GraphicRiver to leave a message. You can say whatever you want, as long as it concerns this item: your opinion, your feedback on the purchase, a question concerning a specific icon of the pack…
  • You can also send me a message thanks to the contact form on my envato profile: Access to Haress profile. The form takes place in the bottom right of the page.


Please, don’t forget to rate this item! :)  310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle (Miscellaneous) happy
It’s really important if you enjoy my work. This little action could bring more purchasers and therefore increase my productivity and motivation! :D  310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle (Miscellaneous) laugh



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