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16 Lip Art Designs That Are (Almost) Totally Doable!

16 Lip Art Designs That Are (Almost) Totally Doable!

Unconventional lip colors are becoming quite the thing these days! Black lipstick isn’t just for brooding goths anymore, and an orange lipstick won’t get you horrified glances from passing strangers. We’re in an era of anything goes when it comes to beauty, including crazy lip art designs!

Lip art designs are a fun new fashion trend that will hopefully gain a little more steam. Artistic images splashed across the lips may not be mainstream or even practical, but they sure are gorgeous to look at. They’re also definitely a unique look that every lady should try at least once!

If you’re ready to dip your toes into the lip art pool, take a look at some of these amazing lip art designs. Most of them are also pretty doable for most women, even if they only last a little while…

1. Simple Heart Lip Art

Lip art designs don’t have to be difficult and complex, as you can see by this cute and simple heart lip art.

lip art designsImage Source

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2. Microbead Lip Art

Colorful edible microbeads can be used to easily create some pretty simple but eye catching lip art designs!

lip art designsImage Source

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Lip Art

Strawberry lip art designs are popular, but this chocolate covered strawberry lip art looks particularly yummy.

lip art designsImage Source

4. Zebra Lip Art Design

Simple black stripes over white lips make for some cute and totally doable zebra print lips!

lip art designsImage Source

5. Cherry Blossom Tree Lip Art

Brown lips aren’t your typical lips, but they look pretty gorgeous with a cherry blossom lip art design!

lip art designsImage Source

6. Lemon Lip Art

Fruit lip art designs are pretty popular, but this lemon lip design really stands apart from the rest!

lip art designsImage Source

7. Abstract Lip Art

This lip art design reminds me of a colorful abstract painting.

lip art designsImage Source

8. Puzzle Piece Lip Art

If it’s fun and funky lip art design you’re looking for, some puzzle pieces splayed across the lips might be just the thing for you!

lip art designsImage Source

9. Rhinestone Lip Art

Although they’re probably even less practical than most other lip art designs, rhinestone lips really pack a nice visual punch, don’t they?

lip art designsImage Source

10. Comic Book Lips

Bright red lips, a bold black outline, and some white highlights are all you need to rock these awesome comic book lips!

lip art designsImage Source

11. Tie Dye Lip Art

Lots os vibrant colors swirl together in this stunning tie dye lip art design!

lip art designsImage Source

12. Starry Night Lip Art

It would be hard not to get lost in these dark starry night lips…

lip art designsImage Source

13. Lace Lip Art

Lace is universally feminine and sexy, which could be what makes lacy lip art designs so perfect!

lip art designsImage Source

14. Pastel Polka Dot Lip Art

Why not try on some simple polka dots for an easy lip art design?

lip art designsImage Source

15. Watermelon Lip Art

Watermelon lips make a perfect fun and fruity summer lip art design!

lip art designsImage Source

16. Beach Sunset Lips

A splash of brilliant color and a hint of darkness are what makes a great sunset!

lip art designsImage Source

Know what goes great with lip art designs? Lip piercings! Check out these 14 Different Types of Lip Piercings and these 15 Sexy Snake Bites Piercing Ideas for some ideas.

16 Lip Art Designs That Are (Almost) Totally Doable! By SloDive

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