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15 Incredible Christmas Sweaters

15 Incredible Christmas Sweaters

It is the season of giving, and the season of ugly Christmas sweaters.

Serving as one of the best things to look forward to during the holidays, ugly Christmas sweaters are fun, goofy, and sported by many each and every year. In addition to pointing out their greatness, the list below also provides a platform of ideas to people looking for this years sweater.

Funny Christmas sweaters make the holiday season memorable. While many sweaters include just simple designs, others have features such as lights and beards.

1. The Snoopy Just Chillin’ Ugly Christmas Sweater


The Snoopy Just Chillin’ Christmas Sweater

Snoopy and the Peanuts are always relevant during the holidays, which is why this Just Chillin’ Ugly Christmas sweater has been such a big hit.

The Snoopy Just Chilling Ugly Christmas sweater is also great for those looking to stay warm, while sporting a funny, festive, stylish top. This crew neck pullover sweater is incredibly warm due to it’s high level of thickness and the material that it is made with (acrylic, cotton, polyester).

2. This Awesome Men’s Sweet Baby Jesus Christmas Sweater


Baby Jesus Christmas Sweater

What better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, than by wearing a sweater of the baby Jesus himself?

3. The Donald Trump “Make Christmas Great Again” Ugly Christmas Sweater


Donald Trump “Make Christmas Great Again” Christmas Sweater

Since this has certainly been a big year for Donald, it comes as no surprise that there are a few ugly Trump Christmas sweaters. Not only do the sweaters come with Trump-like quotes, but they also feature comedic dollar signs instead of snowflakes.

In an attempt to make light of Donald Trump’s statements and views towards Mexicans, Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos! Christmas Sweaters have been made, and are said to be flying off of the shelves.

In addition to the “Make Christmas Great Again” sweaters and the “Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos!” sweaters, there are many other Donald Trump-based sweaters, bound to make you laugh during the holidays.

Though some people may not be in favor of Donald Trump politically, they are bound to love these must-have Christmas sweaters. In fact, according to, many reported Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters even wore Donald Trump Christmas sweaters when they were sold in 2015.

4. The Barack Obama Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater


Barack Obama Ugly Elf Sweater

Though he may be lame-ducking at the moment, and leaving office shortly, Barack Obama Christmas sweaters are still in style, and expected to be worn by many this holiday season.

According to, presidential sweaters, whether they are for past candidates or president-elects, are one of their most highly sought after items each and every holiday season.

5. This Great Bernie Sanders “Feel The Burn” Ugly Christmas Sweater


Bernie Sanders “Feel The Burn” Sweater

If you were one of the people who supported Bernie Sanders, then this “feel the bern” Christmas sweater is a great choice for you. Though Bernie Sanders may not have one the election, his Christmas sweaters are still rather impressive.

6. The Funny “Happy Email Trails” Hillary Clinton Ugly Christmas Sweater


Hillary Clinton “Happy Email Trails” Sweater

Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s highly talked about, and extremely controversial email scandal, this sweater is a very fun, festive, and humorous choice for all Christmas party goers, making light of a rather serious situation.

7. The “Merry Deadmas” Christmas Sweater


Deadpool Christmas Sweater

Based off the very successful 2016 movie Deadpool, this sweater has been one of the most highly sought out so far this year, and for whatever reason, it even includes tacos on the side.

8. The Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater


Stranger Things Christmas Sweater

Though some of you many be un-familiar, Stranger Things is a very popular Netflix show that came out in 2016. This sweater not only shows who the true fans are, but it also gives supporters-alike something to talk about at this year’s ugly Christmas sweater parties.

9. The Mike Tyson “Merry Chrithmith” Christmas Sweater


Mike Tyson “Merry Chrithmith” Sweater

Its really how he would say it.

10. This Dabbing Santa Claus iApparel Christmas Sweater


Dabbing Santa Christmas Sweater

Another trending topic of 2016 has been the dab, and what is more appropriate for the holidays than one being done by Santa?

11. The Cool Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater


The Cool Santa Christmas Sweater

A very, very cool Christmas sweater.

12. The Wrecking Ball, Miley Cyrus Christmas Sweater


Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Christmas Sweater

Based off Miley Cyrus’ popular music video for the song Wrecking Ball, this sweater features Santa flying through the air and is yet another great choice for the holidays.

13. The Home Alone “Buzz Your Girlfriend Woof” Ugly Christmas Sweater


Home Alone Christmas Sweater

For the few people in the world who haven’t seen Home Alone, “Buzz Your Girlfriend, Woof” is a popular line from it.

14. The “Harambe Loved Christmas” Ugly Christmas Sweater


Harambe Loved Christmas

One of the most talked about topics and “celebrities” of this year has certainly been the late, great gorilla Harambe.

15. This Great Carlton Christmas Sweater


Carlton Christmas Sweater

Though neither The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air nor Carlton have been relevant over the past few years, his sweaters are still a big hit during the holidays, selling quite often late in the year.


Whether they are used to make people laugh, support trending shows, or express political views, these ugly, yet funny and trendy sweaters are likely to be on many Christmas lists this season.

15 Incredible Christmas Sweaters By SloDive

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